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Download Kisse Pyaar Karoon Full Hd Movie in 720p for Free - Best Sites and Platforms

Kisse Pyaar Karoon Full Hd Movie Download 720p Movies

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining Bollywood movie to watch, you might want to check out Kisse Pyaar Karoon. This is a 2009 comedy film that stars Arshad Warsi, Aashish Chaudhary, Yash Tonk, Udita Goswami, and Aarti Chhabria. The movie is about three friends who try to save their fourth friend from a controlling girlfriend. In this article, we will tell you more about what Kisse Pyaar Karoon is, why you should watch it, and how to download it in full hd quality in 720p resolution.

Kisse Pyaar Karoon Full Hd Movie Download 720p Movies

What is Kisse Pyaar Karoon?

Kisse Pyaar Karoon (which means "Who should I love?") is a Hindi-language comedy film that was released in 2009. The film was directed by Ajay Chandok and written by Yunus Sajawal. The film is a remake of the Hollywood comedy Saving Silverman, which was also the main theme of another Bollywood comedy De Taali.

A brief summary of the plot

The movie revolves around John (Aashish Chaudhary), Sid (Arshad Warsi), and Amit (Yash Tonk), three college students who are also best friends since childhood. They live together in Sid's old bungalow and form a Punjabi rock band with the help of a gangster, Munnabhai (Ashish Vidyarthi). John has been in love with his classmate Natasha (Aarti Chhabria) for a long time but never confesses his feelings. After graduation, he decides to visit her but finds out that she has left for a world tour. He becomes depressed and obsessed with her.

Sid and Amit try to cheer him up by hiring a prostitute named Chameli (Shweta Menon) for him, but John only talks about Natasha with her. Later, at a wedding performance, John sees Sheetal (Udita Goswami) and falls in love with her at first sight. Sheetal is a rich and beautiful girl who also likes John. However, she is very possessive and domineering. She makes John choose between her or his friends. John chooses Sheetal and starts ignoring Sid and Amit.

Sid and Amit are worried about John's happiness and suspect that Sheetal is not right for him. They try to break them up by various means, such as bribing Sheetal, sending fake photos of John with Chameli, and kidnapping Sheetal. However, their plans backfire and they end up in trouble with Munnabhai, Sheetal's father Albert (Adi Irani), and Inspector Jadhav (Vindu Dara Singh). Will they be able to save John from Sheetal's clutches? Will John realize his true love? Will Sid and Amit find their own partners? Watch the movie to find out.

The cast and crew of the movie

The movie features some popular actors and actresses from Bollywood, such as:

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