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How to Feel Good with BodyVive 22 and Les Mills Master Class

but that all changes now with pump. i am looking forward to that workout going to a home setup, especially after working on a project with a great friend of mine, austin who is a seasoned trainer and coach in the field. austin is the author of the best selling home workout book, home fitness. ive used the workouts in his book with great success and am excited to work with him again on pump and on other projects in the future.

Les Mills: BodyVive 22 - Master Class (2011)

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i also have one other update on bodypump that i need to talk about. in the interest of full disclosure, ive been told that the video to follow is a leaked copy from an undisclosed party and that i might not be given permission to use it. ive said im fine with that, if thats the case, then im fine with the video not being released! i just thought it was important for folks to know that this is not going to be a bodypump workout. ive seen the video, and this is not bodypump.

now lets talk about the video. i know what youre thinking. les mills, why, why are you releasing a workout video with no music? well its not all about the music, and it could be argued that the music isnt even that great (imo). lets talk about the video. the only part of the video ive actually seen is the basic outline, and ive seen that. its not a bodypump workout. there are some bodypump moves, but its not bodypump. theres no tempo, no resistance, and youre not going to get any extra work or recovery. its just a heavy cardio workout with some bodypump moves in the middle. i could tell you what moves were in the video, but im not going to. again, its up to you to decide whether its good or not for you, but for me, ive seen this video. im not going to be able to use this workout. i have the dvd, but its a bit of a pain, you can only do it at home, and it doesnt have a bunch of the stuff you need to do the workout, like adjusting the weight, or reps, or tempo. so if youre like me, youre going to have to do the workout in the gym, but its a dead workout, no intensity, no music, no fun. sorry, but thats not bodypump.


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