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Buy Grazon Weed Killer Extra Quality

GrazonNext HL herbicide is the easiest way to get broadleaf weeds out of the way of pasture production. It provides a simple, lasting solution for the toughest pasture and rangeland weeds and clears the way for more forage, meaning greater flexibility in a grazing program and higher per-acre beef production at the lowest cost possible.

buy grazon weed killer

GrazonNext HL herbicide simplifies pasture weed control, allowing ranchers to focus on other aspects of their ranch. Rate selection is simple. Go with 1.5, 2 or 2.1 pints per acre for most weed complexes. And one application provides season-long control.

GrazonNext HL controls more than 100 annual, biennial and perennial broadleaf weeds. It is especially tough on hard-to-kill perennials, including nightshades, Canada thistle, horsenettle and Texas bullnettle, while providing sharper burndown of many other broadleaf weeds, such as biennial thistles, cocklebur, dandelion, annual broomweed, curly dock, ironweed and ragweeds.

GrazonNext HL provides excellent pre- and postemergence control of broadleaf weeds and stays on the job all season long to help ranchers get the job done effectively and efficiently. With systemic mode of action and residual activity, GrazonNext HL has a lasting effect on rangeland and pastures in one application. GrazonNext HL is readily translocated and controls the entire plant, not just the part above ground.

Treat when weeds are actively growing and not stressed by drought or other conditions. Increase the herbicide rate within the labeled rate range as the season progresses and plants become more mature.

Grazon Pro is a selective foliar acting herbicide for the control of perennial broad leaved weeds such as nettle, bramble, broom, gorse, docks & thistle in grassland. However it also effective on weeds such as dandelion, creeping buttercup and daisy. Grazon Pro replaces Grazon 90, but Grazon Pro still continues to offer the best control via a knapsack. This product is approved for use in a knapsack but not a boom sprayer. Click here for knapsacks.

Grazon Extra is the premium control option for foliar applications on hard-to-kill noxious and woody weeds. It contains three active ingredients, offering control of the broadest list of weeds in a single product on the market.

Grazon Extra Herbicide is the premium control option for foliar applications on hard-to-kill noxious and woody weeds. It contains three active ingredients, offering control of the broadest list of weeds in a single product on the market. Grazon Extra offers outstanding knockdown and residual weed control.

Used in a small towable boom sprayer does a brilliant job of removing multiple weeds including thistles etc. you can really see the difference between sprayed and not sprayed areas within a few days. Also like the fact it is not affected by rain after 1 hour.

Great product. Knocks the crapp out of lantana which is why i purchased it. Not expensive for what it does and other weeds that it controls. Suits my purpose for control of the lantana and other noxious weeds. Also great customer service. Product arrive well before expected. A top company to deal with. Questions asked about products, always answered, and with advice.

Grazon Extra Herbicide is registered for application with Gas Powered Guns (i.e. Splatter Guns) @ 335mL-500mL per 10L Water to control various weeds. Unfortunately, Lantana is not one of the species listed for this application technique. You may like to trial the application 'off-label' to see if it is adequate for your requirements. See Table D in the 'directions for use' booklet.

Grazon Extra Herbicide does have any claims to control Wandering Jew and is unlikely to affect the weed. We would recommend herbicides made from Fluroxypyr. For example, Starane Advanced Herbicide is mixed at 9mL per 1-Litre Water.

Grazon Extra is the premium control option for foliar applications on hard-to-kill noxious and woody weeds. It contains three active ingredients, offering control of the broadest list of weeds in a single product on the market. Grazon Extra offers outstanding knockdown and residual weed control.

Between the months of June and August it is the perfect time for targeting woody weeds such as bramble, boom and gorse. If these weeds are left untreated they can quickly spread through grassland and severely reduce the amount of grazing land that is available. Ideally, they should be sprayed whilst they are actively growing before they start to flower and have a good leaf coverage.

Many paddock owners realise how important it is to control sycamore seedlings if they are grazed by horses and ponies. Some seedlings contain the toxin hypoglycin A and ingestion can cause a potentially fatal condition called equine atypical myopathy. Although not on the label, Grazon Pro will give good control of these seedlings. Please note any extended grazing intervals if controlling poisonous weeds.

Black Bindweed, Black nightshade, Chickweed, Cleavers, Cranesbill, Dead-nettles, Fat-hen, Field bindweed, Forget-me-not, Medick, Pale Persicaria, Scarlet pimpernel, Self-heal, Small nettle - plus more

Grazon Pro is a selective weedkiller for the control of perennial broad-leaved weeds such as nettle, docks & thistle in established grassland. The best method for the effective control of weeds such as these is by using a selective herbicide such as Grazon. Grazon Pro is a strong weedkiller that will control the weeds listed on the label but will not harm grass, making it the market leading product for spot spraying unsightly paddock weeds.

Horses & other livestock will need to be kept out of the treated area until any poisonous weeds such as ragwort have died and become unpalatable. It is important to control weeds such as ragwort as it is toxic to grazing horses and is undesirable in grass grown for silage, hay and haylage. Ragwort is also troublesome as it spreads rapidly; the seeds are easilly picked up by the wind and deposited elsewhere.

Livestock can be returned to the area that has been treated by Grazon Pro weedkiller 7 days after application. Please see the product label for more details and always read before use. If you are unsure please contact our technical team for free, no obligation advice.

Grazon Extra is primarily used for brushweed control plus difficult to control broadleaf weeds in fallow situations in northern Australia. In Southern Australia it is the standard for volunteer lucerne removal prior to cereal cropping.

GrazonNext HL Herbicide is a broadleaf weed control product that will kill more than 100 different types of weeds, including the more difficult to kill perennials, like nightshades and bull nettles. Quickly killing the existing weeds and keeping them from coming back, the product also works great with liquid fertilizers and can be safely used around grazing areas of livestock, Conservation Reserve Program land and wildlife management areas. GrazonNext HL Herbicide also comes with no restriction for any kind of livestock, including beef cattle, goats, horses, nursing dairy animals, and sheep and won't harm desirable grasses like bahiagrass, bermudagrass, fescue, orchard and other mixed native grasses. Just follow the directions on the bottom description on what rate of dilution is required to kill your problem weed and your property will be weed free in no time. The product works great with brush control herbicides, like Remedy Ultra, which can be mixed and applied at the same time, massively reducing the time it takes to undertake an integrated vegetation management program.

GrazonNext HL Herbicide is best applied when rain is not expected within 24 hours after application. As long as the weeds being controlled are not drenched/dripping water prior to application it can be applied after rain within a few hours.

Without knowing the specific weeds you are targeting, we are unable to give an exact mix rate. GrazonNext HL Herbicide is applied at 19-34 fl oz per acre (43,560 sq ft). The amount of water will depend on how much water it takes to cover 1,000 sq ft thoroughly. Typically 1-2 gallons of water every 1,000 sq ft is sufficent, the label is recommending to use 3 gallons of water every 1000 sq ft to ensure the active ingredient in GrazonNext gets into the soil. Please see the break down below.

GrazonNext HL Herbicide is a post-emergent herbicide so it can be used any time the weeds are in an actively growing state. If the weeds are apparent now, then you can use the product now to try and eliminate them. The rate range for GrazonNext HL Herbicide is 1.2 to 1.5 pints (19 to 24 fluid oz) product per acre. Please provide details on your application for specific information.

Grazon herbicide will effectively control brushweeds including gorse, broom, blackberry, fennel, old man's beard and lupin. Compatible with commonly used pasture herbicides, apply Grazon during the active growth stage, from November to the end of summer.

as well as most broadleaf weeds in pasture. It also controls Hydrocotyle and Creeping Oxalis. And it controls Kikuyu in turf and pasture so if you want to kill Kikuyu in your lawn then Triclo herbicide is the way to go.

Triclo triclopyr 600 weed killer works best when applied in warmer months when plants are actively growing.Always add 100ml/100L SprayWetter non-ionic penetrant to the spray tank, to aid penetration and boost performance. For gorse, use SuperWetter organosilicone penetrant at 100ml/100L.

GrazonPro is ideal for the spot treatment of a wide range of difficult to control weeds where safety to the grass is important. Use on small patches, isolated weeds, on steep ground or under fence lines. It controls docks, thistles, nettles, brambles, gorse and broom. GrazonPro contains two powerful ingredients and it is this combination of these two ingredients that provides excellent control of the range of weeds. It moves to the root ensuring high levels of long term control.GrazonPro is one of the very few products with a label which fully endorses the use via hand held application equipment.If weed populations are less than 5% it can be very cost effective to spot spray them. 041b061a72


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