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Baby Stroller

Your little one can be transitioned out of a stroller around 3 years of age, so make those first years a breeze. When considering a baby stroller, first determine where and how often you will be using your stroller. If you are only running errands, you might benefit from one that offers additional storage but remains compact for maneuvering through tight spaces. Jogging with your little one in tow is simple with a lightweight jogging stroller model with durable traction wheels. Carrying for more than one? Dual or triple strollers are perfect for growing families, while helping reduce the space that multiple strollers can take. For first-time parents, taking budget into account is practical for the journey ahead. Strollers that transition into car seats help avoid additional expenses down the line. While practicality is key, style and functionality go hand-in-hand, so choose a model that is not only comfortable for your baby but simple for you to use.

baby stroller

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It might cost more than your crib, but it is worth every penny. Our tester has been using this stroller for over a year now and loves how durable it's been. Her two boys aren't easy on it, either. Plus, because it is easy to maneuver the seats between facing in and facing away, you can have your child looking at you to chill out or looking at the world to engage them.

This is one of the fastest to fold, lightest strollers you can get. It's only 16 pounds, and you can fold it with one hand. It's soft and luxurious feeling, and good from 6 months to 48 pounds. There's also plenty of cargo space given the fact that this folds up to the size of the average backpack, and fits in overhead bins.

It's a heck of a lot more durable than you're anticipating, taking the hard ruts of pavement as easily as it does grass and sidewalks. Our tester says that it's a giant leap forward from other lightweight strollers she's used.

Our Deputy Editor, Joana Mascioli, loves this stroller. A single-to-triple style, that has an included bassinet and is car-seat adaptable, this is a top-of-the-line stroller, and it's easy to see its worth when you get behind it.

Normally, large strollers like this have issues with maneuverability, but not the Wave, it's a cinch to push around according to Mascioli, and takes different terrain without blinking. The turning radius is easier and shorter than the Vista, even in double mode. Thanks to the leather-wrapped, telescoping, adjustable handles, it's also a comfortable stroller to push.

Best of all, folding the stroller is a total breeze. It works equally well for urban and suburban families and has an adjustable handle to help more petite parents. I have a partially paralyzed left hand, and I had absolutely no problem putting in or removing the car seat or collapsing the stroller.

For starters, it is car seat-adaptable. You can even buy an additional stroller seat to go on the top that makes it more like a traditional stroller. It's large enough to hold an IKEA bag full of groceries and laundry, and the mesh on the wagon is breathable and comfortable. Plus, the wheels practically float off the ground, and the extra bag in the back holds an entire meal from 5 Guys plus an Oreo shake.

It's car seat-adaptable, you can add an additional jump seat on top, and because you can push or pull it, you can choose who or what your baby faces. The fabrics are machine-washable, the wheels are solid, but made for traversing tricky ground, and the double canopy covers your babies with UPF 50+-rated strength, while still allowing for maximum ventilation through the mesh sides.

The front wheel can be locked in the straight position for long runs, and the air-filled tires are easy to refill with any standard bicycle tire pump. The canopy gives tons of cover in the sun without blocking circulation, and the one-hand recline feature makes gently reclining a sleeping baby so much simpler. Collapsing it is a bit of a pain, and there's a learning curve.

You might not be familiar with this brand, but let me tell you why you should be and why this is the best stroller for twins. It's easily one of the most versatile double strollers out there, with 35 different configurations possible. The telescoping handle is a luxe leatherette, which doesn't seem like a big deal, but push a stroller through an amusement park with a crappy handle and get back to me.

It's a side-by-side double stroller that's car seat compatible, even in double mode. It's several hundreds of dollars less than similar side-by-side adjustable models, and it's every bit as posh and pushable.

Cat Bowen has been writing about all things parenting for well over a decade. She spends her days researching, reviewing, and testing everything from strollers to breast pumps to changing tables. Her work has been featured in Romper, Bustle, and franchised across dozens of media outlets. In her spare time she loves volunteering at her kids' schools, reading everything she can get her hands on, running, and cooking for her family.

Strollerstoday come in many varieties with many different features, giving you lots of options to choose from. The best stroller for you will depend on the age and size of your child and how you'll be using the stroller. If you're looking for a stroller for a new baby, you'll want to focus on strollers for newborns. For an older child, make sure to get a stroller with an appropriate weight limit. A lightweight, easy-to-fold stroller is a good choice if you'll often be putting it in the trunk of your car, while a heavy-duty stroller with large wheels is better for off-road terrain.

Travel systems are stroller sets that include a car seat, a base, and a stroller. They offer good value because of their versatility and are great for taking your baby from stroller to car without disturbing them. Umbrella strollers are portable, lightweight options that are usually best for older children who can sit unassisted. When they're not in use, they fold up and can easily be stored in your car or in a closet at home. Jogging strollers have three wheels and are designed to allow you to run while pushing your child, giving them a smooth ride. Bassinet strollers are good choices for very young babies, and a double stroller is a must if you'll be transporting more than one child.

The Baby Jogger City Mini 2 stroller used to be compatible with the Chicco KeyFit 30, one of the picks in our guide to the best infant car seats. However, following a minor update to the stroller in 2021, the adapter no longer fits as it should.

After pushing 13 different strollers over 125 miles in five cities, we think the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 offers great performance and the most convenience, with a fast and compact fold, a fully reclining seat, underseat storage, and an extra-large canopy. The City Mini 2 also improves on the original City Mini with front basket access and an adjustable leg rest.

Note: Since the original publication of this guide, Uppababy has come out with a new generation of the Cruz, the Cruz V2, which we have not tested. Among the new features on the Cruz V2 are larger, softer wheels for improved suspension and a roomier toddler seat and storage basket. The V2 is 4 inches shorter than the previous Cruz when folded, but it weighs 4 pounds more. We are planning to test the Cruz V2 soon for a future update.

Full-size strollers tend to have more features and can serve you longer than umbrella strollers, whose more compact size, typically lower weight, and folding mechanisms limit their performance. Full-size strollers are often much lighter and smaller than double strollers or jogging strollers, which have large wheels to support all-terrain use. In general, jogging and umbrella strollers are recommended for use with children who are at least 6 months old and can sit up unassisted. Although you can find umbrella and jogging strollers that can safely transport newborns by providing full recline, supportive inserts, or car seat adapters, the ones that do so are still limited in terms of canopy size (umbrella), weight (jogging), or range of recline (umbrella).

Travel strollers, which fold to the size of a carry-on suitcase, combine the compactness of an umbrella stroller with features such as car seat adaptability, bassinet conversions, and full recline, all of which allow parents to use the stroller from birth. However, in exchange for going small and lightweight with a travel stroller, parents often sacrifice storage space, maneuverability, and ease of pushing, as well as features such as a large canopy. 041b061a72


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