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Is Victoria Marsala Sauce Gluten ^NEW^

I modified your recipe slightly and made a chicken marsala pizza with it. It was to die for! Thanks for the recipe!I cut the chicken into bite size pieces, made extra sauce and reduced it until it was very thick. I spread the marsala over the pizza crust, then generously sprinkled shredded mozzarella on top. Baked it on the bottom rack 15 minutes at 525. Grated fresh parm on top. YUM!! It is our new favorite nontraditional pizza.

Is Victoria Marsala Sauce Gluten

It is an ideal accompaniment to serve over your chicken, meat or fish dish. This 16-ounce jar of gluten-free sauce is also a cholesterol-free product, making it a smart choice for those with dietary restrictions. This pack comes with six jars, so you can keep your pantry stocked.

How to thicken marsala sauce? Marsala sauce can be thickened either by simply reducing the mixture until it becomes syrup-like or by adding thickening agents. We recommend adding a pinch of flour, cornstarch, or any other thickener of your choice to get the right consistency. 041b061a72


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