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EasyWorship 6 Crack With License File & Serial Key Free

A campus license covers use of EasyWorship software within one location. You can install EasyWorship on multiple computers within the same property/location. It does not cover use in additional church plants or campus locations. For more info, you can view our policy here.

easyworship 6 license file

Yes. Your subscription will auto-renew based on the billing cycle that you selected. If you wish to change whether you are billed monthly or yearly, you will need to do so through Your Account or by emailing us at

Organize Your StuffSimilar to playlists, Collections let you group your different libraries in a way that makes sense to you. Just use the advanced search engine to filter your Songs, Media, Presentations or Themes Library by any keyword. The search is applied to file descriptions, tags and titles, allowing you to save the results locally in My Collections or share across the network.

All computer programs have a specific file structure. Normally, there will be a location on the computer for the program files themselves and another location (only if different than the program files) for the data files. Even though computer programs are written by different people, most of them generally follow a similar structure to make things easier for the end-users.

Another important location you want to know about is the Database and Resources location. These can be found by going to your local drive, then the Users folder, then Public, Public Documents, Softouch, and EasyWorship. Within the EasyWorship folder, you will find Profile folders. After you initially install EasyWorship and open it for the first time, it will create a profile called Default. In this EasyWorship folder you will see a profile folder called Default.

There is a tool that can be downloaded and used to make a backup of your data files and to transfer them to another computer if needed. Below is a link to the download and instructions that walk you through how to do it step by step.

There are a few other files that you might also want to take note of that may not be in a very well-known location. The following files are in windows folders that are hidden by default; the ProgramData folder and AppData folder. Here, you can find files for EasyWorship that will allow you to reset how your EasyWorship windows show up on your screens, view and edit your EasyWorship hotkeys, and more. You can unhide these folders for windows, but there is an easy shortcut you can use to find them quickly.

Go to the Softouch folder and then EasyWorship.v7. There are a few different folders here you can look at, but the Settings folder will have the items that you may want to tweak. This is where you can find the ComputerSettings.ini and HotKeys.2.ini files.

This will take you to the Roaming folder for your Windows user account. Go to the Softouch folder, then EasyWorship.v7. Open the Settings folder and you will find files like History.ini, UserSettings.ini, and WindowSettings.ini.

There are other locations EasyWorship will use to store files, like the Windows Registry, but the ones I mentioned above are the most common and really the only locations you will need to venture on your own. Knowing about these files and their locations will give you a little bit more control of how you use and tweak EasyWorship to work the best for you and your church.

ZionWorx 2014 is very easy to setup and comes with a 10 user license.Video and audio files work every time without any issues.Powerpoint files integrate perfectly.Backgrounds easily changed.Themes can be modified and customised.Video tutorials are easy to understand.

Commentaires :Excellent software covering all the bases - powerful and flexible, and yet easy and quick to use. Frequently updated, support requests answered quickly, requested improvements and bug fixes introduced frequently.Great value. Reliable - our church use this every week. Highly recommended. Pros - for example:Comprehensive Import facility for song lyrics (eg Songs of Fellowship, EasyWorship etc)Backup and RestoreDisplay of song lyricsDisplay of bible versesBible verse selection (or even part of verses) is completely flexibleAny font can be chosen separately for choruses and verses and bible readingsDisplay of PowerPointsInbuilt Quick Slides feature - I often use this instead of powerpointsCan play videos and audio media, and choose a start and end point within a longer videoAll above items (and more) can be added to playlistPlaylist can easily be edited and re-orderedThemes can be freely created, edited and applied to items in the playlistSongs can each have their own default theme.Each item in playlist can have a different theme or backgroundChoose from plain backgrounds, images, motion backgrounds, videos, live videosSong Lyrics database includes license, songbook, key, tempo and theme (eg "Adoration")Song database is searchable by keyword and phrase Database, themes etc can be stored on Dropbox, to enable sharing across multiple computersVarious song arrangements can be created and savedLoop option so lyrics display can loop back to the beginning of the song Loop option can have a default setting per song, but can be over-riddenCan be controlled via keyboard, mouse or both - keyboard shortcuts can be changedUsing keyboard shortcuts it can be controlled using a presentation remoteSupports a massive range of media in many formats - all displayed without problemsAbility to display live video and on-screen alertsExport of playlist data including song lyricsCan create lists of songs for CCLI licensing returnsAdaptable to easily and quickly make on the fly changes during live presentation:For example, background, fix typos, fix order of lyrics, increase or decrease font sizeCons:Not able to individual edit fonts within a verse or chorusNo options for chord charts etcNo instruction manual - however, online and e-mail support is available, along with some online instructions and Tutorial videos, as well as in-built tips and help within the application.

Commentaires :If you are planning to buy worship software, ZionWorx 2014 makes your choice a lot easier and a lot less expensive. ZionWorx costs just 110 for a Church (or team) license for up to 10 users, making ZionWorx, one of the most affordable worship applications on the market.ZionWorx has a clear interface, yet a vast range of features. It can import songs from a wide range of applications including: EasyWorship, MediaShout, as well as OpenLyrics and Text formats and PowerPoint. ZionWorx 2 users will be able to transfer their existing databases to the new version.Using its' powerful Song Editor, new songs can be easily added, and stored in the song database and shared between the PC's and ZionWorx can import most video formats without additional codecs. When it comes to Bibles, ZionWorx, can access these direct online from `Bible Gateway,' however you can also import bibles stored on your own PC, using the Zafania format.To control the design and layout of songs, ZionWorx uses `Themes,' which control how the design of the songs and bibles are displayed. It comes with a library of these to use, which can be modified using ZionWorx theme editor. Yet ZionWorx's can also `package' the whole service, and within a few minutes of arriving at Church, everything you have previously prepared, will be on screen, just as you planned it. This are no unpleasant surprises with ZionWorx.Talking of which, you will have gathered by now, that I am really impressed by ZionWorx. It is an easy to learn, yet powerful piece of software, yet at an affordable price which will enable more churches to use it.This is all due to the hard work and dedication of the extraordinary team at Jubilate software ' Christian Boxer, Chris Clark and Edd Stonham. It is their hard work, coupled with their passionate vision for the mission of the Church, which is the secret behind this truly powerful piece of software. The whole Church owes them a great deal of gratitude.

I have a personal preference for an old fashioned help file which I can read through both to see how to do something and to see what can be done, but I understand it's not always the way nowadays. I would like to see a bit more detail and depth in the online help though the videos are genuinely useful

Commentaires :ZionWorx is a very powerful and flexible tool that does everything we need from it. Indeed, it provides more than we need - I haven't used all of the features. The song interface is simple to use, and the concept of "arrangements" is particularly useful - for each song you can define (multiple) arrangements, i.e. what order the verses and chorus are in - so if you know that you're only singing verses 1,3 and 5, or that you will be starting with the chorus, you can set this in the order of service. The presentation interface also makes it easy, of course, to skip around within the song (or order) "live", so when the music group suddenly decide to deviate from the plan, you can keep pace easily.There is a PowerPoint plug in as well, and it also works fine with remote controls: so if the preacher wants to control their slides in the sermon, they can.The theme editor is very good and flexible; this lets you define how you songs/Bible verses etc. should appear. e.g. it was trivial for me to add song numbers to the titles of the songs in ZionWorx, and present it clearly but discretely on the screen.The only real drawback I've come across is that ZionWorx does not ship with a comprehensive song database. But adding songs is very easy, and there are various import controls available too.This does mean that, when you first start using ZionWorx, it will take you a little longer to create a service because you have to enter the songs, but once your most commonly-used songs are in the database, you'll be well away. Also, and very helpfully, ZionWorx lets you choose a custom directory for where all its data files are stored. This means that you can install it at home and on the church computer, and have the data files all saved on Dropbox. When you add a song at home, it gets added at church. If you put your PPT files and orders of service on Dropbox too, there is no need to use USB sticks at all.The "Name your own price" strategy is of course open to abuse, but is also great for churches like mine, who want a good quality piece of code, and can't afford to buy things like EasyWorship. And even if you can afford EasyWorship - wait. Get the trial of ZW2014 instead and try it. And I think you'll conclude you'd actually rather have ZW anyway, and you can buy the Platinum Version and help subsidise poorer churches (there's something early on in Acts about that isn't there....)


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